Cosmetics store

Cosmetics for a deep feeling

 Scrubs and gommages are used to deeply cleanse the skin and remove impurities. They are needed for peeling — the so-called cosmetic procedure for exfoliating keratinized skin cells. Scrubs contain fine abrasive particles and belong to the mechanical type of peeling. They can be used with normal or oily skin without inflammation.

  Gommages come in different types – both with dissolvable abrasive substances such as sugar, and with enzymes and special acids (salicylic, fruit)

Hydration and nutrition

  Focusing on the type of skin, you should choose not only means for washing and cleansing, but also other cosmetic products that serve to moisturize, nourish and protect the skin (creams, gels, face masks, balms, cosmetic oils). Hair care products are selected taking into account the type of hair.

  For example, lotions are most often intended for the care of oily or problematic facial skin. They often include alcohol and various components with antibacterial or anti-inflammatory effects. Creams for oily skin have a lighter texture, often produced with a matting effect. The composition of creams for dry skin includes more oils

Cosmetics for washing

  The type of caring cosmetic product is chosen depending on the type of skin, this also applies to cleansing products. So, for washing with oily or problematic (with acne) facial skin, specialized mousses or gels are recommended. Such products contain ingredients that help to cleanse the skin well and relieve inflammation, for example, essential oils shown for problem skin. For normal and combination skin, cleansers are also available in the form of gels, mousses, foams or foaming creams. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to wash with foams that do not contain perfumes and which include substances with a soothing and softening effect, for example, chamomile or allantoin.

  Some face masks also have a cleansing effect. Such masks for oily skin often contain clay